73-Year-Old Man Arrested for Stalking & Leaving 'Love' Notes for 13-Year-Old Boy (VIDEO)

A 73-year-old man has been charged with stalking the object of his "affection" for two years -- the man allegedly left love notes and rose petals and even moved so he could live right near the person he was stalking. Stalking is horrible enough, but this man allegedly took it even further -- police say the person he stalked was an 11-year-old boy.


Clyde Ruppel reportedly left signed love notes talking about "all male nights" and rose petals on the windshield of the boy's father's car, and even moved right next door to the boy's family. Despite the fact that the boy's father repeatedly warned the elderly man to stay away from his son, police say that on at least three occasions, he followed the boy, now 13, in his car.

Ruppel is no addled old man who went too far being "nice" -- he is a convicted rapist and is listed in the Megan's Law database. He also has two indecent assault convictions.

Yet none of this apparently stopped him, as he continued to harass and stalk the young boy in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

This must have been not only terribly frightening for the boy, but incredibly frustrating for the boy's father, who kept warning him to stay away. He probably wanted to physically assault Ruppel but knew if he did, then he'd be the one in prison. It must have taken every ounce of restraint not to take the law into his own hands.

Police finally raided the man's apartment and found a marijuana growing operation, so now he's in jail on stalking and drug charges. Since he's unable to make bail, that's where he stays for now.

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Neighbors said the guy always seemed a little "off" to them. No kidding. It's pretty scary when an adult decides to stalk a little kid and doesn't even seem to care if the kid's parents see him doing it.

Image via NBC10

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