Man Fakes a Heart Attack So His Pal Can Steal a Barbie Car (VIDEO)

In their defense, it was Barbie!! Two men, grown men, men who are large, and big, and tall, and probably shouldn't be playing with their Barbies anymore, were arrested for trying to steal a Barbie car and a Barbie dream house from a Florida Walmart. But instead of growing up to become Barbie thieves, perhaps one man should have become an actor. Because you simply won't believe the way they got the stolen Barbie goodies out the door.


Tarus Scott, 30, and Gerard Dupree, 27, can be seen on surveillance video wandering around the Walmart with their very large boxes in their shopping cart. But watch what happens when they get near the door. One of the men drops to the floor and clutches his chest. The other one nonchalantly continues out the door.

Confused as to why he wouldn't stop to see what was wrong with his buddy? That's because according to police, he knew exactly what was wrong: Nothing.

Check it out:

Wow, can you believe that? One guy allegedly faked a heart attack so that shoppers and guards would be distracted and his friend could get out the door with the Barbie loot (which I'm hoping is for a child and not themselves!).

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Soon after his accomplice leaves the store, the man having the "heart attack" suddenly stands up and is feeling much better. He leaves and reportedly hopped into a car with his pal. Both were later arrested.

Now they'll be playing with Barbie Big House.

Image via Polk Sheriff/YouTube

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