14-Year-Old Kills Home Intruder to Protect Sick Grandma (VIDEO)

home intruderGrandmother Anna Marie Wyant, 73, was recovering from hip replacement surgery and her 14-year-old grandson was sick with bronchitis, so the two stayed at Wyant's home near the Charlotte/Mint Hill border in North Carolina to take care of each other while the rest of the family went to a holiday party on Tuesday. At around 5:15 p.m., the teen was in the kitchen making his grandma some food when he heard breaking glass coming from the back room. When he ran to see what it was, he saw a man climbing through a broken window. He yelled at him to stop and to leave, but the man didn't. The teenager then shot the intruder three times. He died on the scene.


Grandparents Anna Marie and George have had their home broken into at least twice before, so they had a gun hidden for protection. The Wyants said that they educated all kids in the family on gun safety, mainly because the family faced violence before. Their grandson lost his father, Gregorio "Greg" Hernandez, when a man stormed into his car repair shop -- Greg's Automotive -- and shot him to death. That man, Victor Vasquez, was sentenced to life in prison as a result. Grandfather George said on teaching his grandson gun safety: "I took him to a shooting range. All the boys, I wanted them to learn gun safety. That’s what all of us should have for protection. These are different ages, and you have to protect yourself."

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It may have seemed odd for a 14-year-old to know to get his grandparents' gun during a home invasion, but this shooting makes a little more sense when learning all that this family has gone through. What a terrifying experience for this teen who knew he had to protect his grandmother, who called her grandson her hero. "If I was by myself, God knows what they would have done to me," she said. You can listen to the 911 call:

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Police are not bringing any charges against the teen because they feel the shooting was justified. The whole incident happened so quickly, and it seems as if the intruders weren't deterred at all when they learned someone was at home. The intruder who was shot and killed was 18-year-old Isai Robert Delcid. His accomplice -- his brother Carlos -- fled the scene in the SUV they brazenly parked in the driveway before the break-in, but he was caught. Carlos has been charged with first-degree burglary. 

Do you think this teen was right to shoot the intruder?


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