Man Charged in Abigail Hernandez Kidnapping Faces 150 Sex Assault Charges

When we heard this summer that a man had been charged with the kidnapping of New Hampshire teenager Abigail Hernandez, who went missing for an astounding 10 months before reuniting with her family on July 20, we expected we'd find out more horrifying details as the story developed. Sadly, we have. Nathaniel Kibby, 34, who was arrested 34 miles away from the 15-year-old's hometown of Conway, allegedly repeatedly raped Hernandez and held her prisoner.


While holding her for 10 months against her will, Kibby not only raped her, according to police, but binded her, used a "Taser-like" device to inflict punishments on her, and locked her in a metal shipping container that he kept behind his mobile home in Gorham. Many of the sex acts reportedly took place in the shipping container.

At one point, Kibby reportedly "Tased" Hernandez after she attempted to include information about the suspect in a letter she was forced to write to her mother in order to throw off investigators. Kibby also tried to destroy evidence, including gags and an anti-bark collar used on dogs, according to police.

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After Hernandez went missing last October, her mother began a very public campaign to try and find her. When she finally returned home, Zenya Hernandez revealed on NBC's Today that her daughter had a "look in her eyes I've never, ever seen before."

This teen's life has been destroyed. Kibby has been held on $1 million cash bail since his arrest for one kidnapping charge, and it has taken months for investigators to release new information about this case. The suspect's attorney says his client is innocent and that the claims against him are just allegations.

Kibby's new charges are numerous: he faces 150 counts of felonious sexual assault against his victim. If he is convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. Kibby is scheduled to be arraigned on these charges in January.

What is an appropriate consequence for the suspect if he is found guilty of these charges?


Image via New Hampshire Attorney General's Office

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