Mom Allegedly Chokes & Kidnaps 5th Grade 'Bully' for Calling Her Daughter a Name

A Florida mom is facing criminal charges after she allegedly put an 11-year-old boy into a choke hold and kidnapped him after he insulted her daughter. Last Thursday at Eccleston Elementary School in Orlando, Sandra Rivera had enough of what she called the boy's bullying, and violently took matters into her own hands.


She claims that Ray Villanueva has been bullying her 9-year-old daughter Trinity Richardson for two years, and when she saw it happen last week, she "snapped." Meanwhile, investigators believe that she was intentionally waiting for the boy, whom she forced into her car after choking him.

Ray said, "She came up behind me and started choking me by my neck ... I was terrified she was about to kill me. I could barely breathe."

After that, the incensed mother drove him home to tell his own mom what he had done. Ana Baez said, "This woman came to my house telling me she was choking my son." She went to the school, where there was security footage of the incident.

"I saw that woman grabbing my son like this, in the back like this, and punching him on the head," she said after watching the video.

Rivera has been charged with battery and kidnapping, and ordered to stay away from Ray and his family. She's also been banned from the school grounds.

I totally understand what it's like to feel like a mama lion protecting her cub, but geez -- you can't attack another kid no matter what nasty thing they said to your own child. It's sad that Rivera felt that the school was ignoring her concerns about the matter, but you can't just go choking people.

Unfortunately, it took what might have been a difficult situation and made it worse. Hardly the proper way to deal with a problem.

What would you do if your kid was being bullied?


Image via Orlando Police Department

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