'Perfect' Facebook Father Charged With Running Horrific Child Porn Ring

A Las Vegas father, his wife, and his ex-wife are facing a slew of incest and child abuse charges after police say they found a trove of videos in the man's house showing them abusing at least eight children over a 12-year span. Some of the sex acts even allegedly included Christopher Sena filming two of his children having sex with the family dog.


The alleged sickening abuse finally came to light after Sena's wife, as well as an another adult and a child, revealed the alleged crimes to a family attorney, who called police.

The wife, Deborah Sena, and the ex-wife, Terrie Sena, have also been arrested. Terrie was reportedly a substitute teacher for children in kindergarten through 12th grade in Las Vegas. The trio are accused of sexually abusing at least eight children, all of whom were immediate or extended family members. It's unclear how many children were the biological children of Sena.

Police said that a woman and a boy were forced to have sex with their parents, all while being filmed.

Sena reportedly advertised himself as a loving father on Facebook, often posting about his family and making a video of stills of them for Father's Day, saying he has the "best family in the world." This really goes to show you how the image people present to the outside world can be so diametrically opposed to what might be really going on.

Sena also had a close relationship with local law enforcement, even throwing them a party weeks before his arrest.

If these charges are true, police call it one of the worst family sex abuse rings in memory. How could not only one wife go along with this, but the ex-wife too?

The poor children who grew up with this alleged abuse are teens now and are certainly going to have a very long, hard road to recovery. You really have to wonder if some people are just pure evil.


Image via Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.

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