5-Year-Old Busts Dad for Hiding Heroin in Baby Sister's Diaper During Traffic Stop

kenneth bellTwenty-three-year-old Kenneth Bell was driving in Birmingham, Alabama, with his two daughters (aged 2 and 5) and his wife when cops pulled him over. They had reason to believe he had drugs in the car. The Irondale police had a drug-sniffing dog with them and the pup was signaling that there were narcotics in the car. As the cops were asking Kenneth questions, his 5-year-old daughter said, "Daddy put something in sister's diaper." Cops found heroin in Bell's daughter's diaper.


This is one of the many reasons kids and drug dealing don't mix. Drug dealing is bad enough, but Bell hit a whole new low when he used his 2-year-old to hide 14 grams of heroin in her diaper. What if the drugs came out of the packaging they were in? What if the child took the drugs out of her diaper and ate it? Kids are fast. This could have happened. And this child could have died. Maybe, just maybe, this is the kind of wake-up call this father needs to get his act together.

When the older daughter told the cops that dad put something in the younger one's diaper, the police noticed a bulge and asked the mother to remove the diaper. That's when the $2,500 bag of heroin was found.

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I'm very concerned about the 5-year-old who snitched on her dad to the cops, as well as the welfare of the 2-year-old. What will become of this family? The child seemed to know her dad was doing wrong. At 5. Kids know. Especially at that age when they are so inquisitive. While Bell may eventually get off of this charge or be able to pay his dues regarding it, the people he needs to forgive him is his family. He may be living with "remember that time, Dad, when you hid your stash of drugs in my diaper" for the rest of his life.

Bell was arrested on the scene and charged with chemical endangerment of a child and drug trafficking. The mother was not arrested and the children went home with her, but child protection services are investigating to make sure the kids are in a safe environment. I sincerely hope this story has a happy ending.

Do you think this man deserves to raise his kids? What kind of sentence should he get?


Image via Irondale Police

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