Mom Stabs Her 2 Kids in Their Sleep & Gives Police Crazy Excuse

A mother from Phoenix who was on probation for child abuse was charged -- again -- for child abuse when she allegedly stabbed her two children while they slept in their beds Monday. Brenda Begay, 38, reportedly snuck into her 12-year-old daughter's room first and attacked her with a knife, according to police. The little girl woke up as she was being assaulted and said her mother then went into her 13-year-old brother's room, stabbed him in the chest, and cut him on the wrist. Begay then reportedly called police herself and told them her children were dying. But the bizarre excuse she gave them was what really got them scratching their heads.


After placing the knife she used in the kitchen sink and telling her daughter she was going to heaven, Begay reportedly waited outside of her house for police officers to arrive. She then claimed she was only trying to protect her kids from being raped. But her story didn't add up: there was reportedly no evidence found at the scene that linked her actions to a rape.

And even if there were, why would a mother stab her children in order to protect them?

What makes this incident even more peculiar is that Begay served six months in jail back in 2006 after she pleaded no contest to child abuse involving domestic violence. We aren't sure why Begay has custody of her two children now or the exact details of her past crime, but police say the kids do not have any other family or financial support.

Both children suffered puncture wounds and are being hospitalized, but are expected to survive. Once they are released, they will be placed in custody at the Department of Child Safety.

It's a blessing that these children survived this attack, but it's excruciatingly painful to think of how they will have to carry on knowing their mother did this to them. Police are still trying to figure out the mom's motive behind the stabbing.

Why do you think this mother would allegedly do something like this to her children?


Image via Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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