Mom & Aunt Give 1-Year-Old Girl 6 Shots of Vodka

A teen mother and her sister have somehow avoided jail time despite reportedly admitting to doing the unthinkable -- serving the teen mom's 1-year-old daughter the equivalent of six shots of vodka.


The mother, 17-year-old Shadreon Jefferson, was watching her daughter with her sister, 25-year-old Shamara Batiste, when the mom decided to give the toddler some of her vodka drink with a mixer. Jefferson told police she estimated the toddler got about six shots of booze!!

Most adults can't handle six shots, so it's not surprising that by the time the mother and her friend dropped the baby off at her grandmother's house, the toddler couldn't stand, was vomiting, and her eyes were rolled into the back of her head.

The grandmother rushed the girl to the hospital, where it was determined she was three times over the legal limit! She was diagnosed with alcohol poisoning, but it's simply amazing she didn't die.

Jefferson and Batiste pleaded guilty to felony child endangerment. They were sentenced to probation and deferred adjudication, avoiding jail time.

Incredible. You just have to wonder what some people are thinking, if they are even capable of thinking?!

Thankfully, the child is now under the care of a relative, but you really do wish people had to take intelligence tests before having children.

Should they have gone to prison?

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Image via Houston, Texas Police

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