Hero Mom of 4 Dies Trying to Get Back Her Kids' Stolen Toys

A mother of four was killed after she tried to stop several thieves who had taken off with items from her home. Neighbors in Denver, Colorado, awoke to the sound of two cars speeding down the street and one of them crashing, killing the driver. At first, cops thought the cars were drag racing. But the truth was much worse: A desperate mom had reportedly chased thieves who had stolen electronics from her house.


On Friday night, Leann Margarita Najer, 28, and the mom of four kids, ages 6 through 12, had gone out with two women, her sister-in-law and her brother's sister-in-law, and met some men. The men had followed the other women back to Najer's home.

According to Najer's husband, Alucio, the three women spoke in the kitchen while one of the men blocked the doorway. Meanwhile, the remaining men were reportedly taking things out of the house and loading them up in their car, including the kids' toys, game console, and television set.

Once Najer realized what had happened, her husband says she got into her car and sped off after the men. Alucio told 7NEWS:

She went after them and was dialing 911 when she lost control.

The car she was driving crashed, killing her.

Ugh, while it's easy to say she should have not taken the law into her own hands, so many of us would have done the same thing. Instinct and outrage take over, and your first thought is to go after the creeps and get your kids' things back. Unfortunately, that cost this brave mom her life.

A devastated Alucio told the news outlet:

They didn't just steal my kids' toys and TV, they stole my kids' mom.

Hopefully, they will be caught and not just charged with stealing, but with causing the death of this hero mom.

And let this be a tragic reminder that it's not always the right thing to take matters into your own hands. So much better to lose material things than your life. But who can blame her for trying.

Our hearts go out to these poor kids who have lost their mom right before Christmas.

What would you have done?

Image via Scott Davidson/Flickr

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