Middle Schooler Spikes Teacher's Lounge Coffee Pot in Dangerous Prank​

Kids will be kids, right? Well, there's a time and place for harmless pranks, and then there's this story involving a middle school student in Kansas, who thought it would be a good idea to spike the teachers' coffee pot with rubbing alcohol.


Agh! What the heck was this kid thinking? The 14-year-old at Wichita's Hamilton Middle School may have just been trying to be funny ... in fact, that's what I hope was happening, because I hate to think about young teens actually wanting to harm others.

The coffee pot, which was reserved for teachers at the school, was spiked about 8:45 A.M. last Thursday, according to the police. A 58-year-old male victim poured himself a steaming cup of joe and isopropyl and took a swig.

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Thankfully he realized it tasted off and didn't swallow. And I bet this kid wasn't expecting what happened next. The teen was arrested for aggravated battery and criminal threats, and transported to the county juvenile detention facility.

It seems kind of harsh for the crime, but rubbing alcohol is considered a poison when ingested, and you don't mess around with poisoning your teachers! Or anyone else. Sheesh.

Do you think the punishment fit the crime here?


Image via DebbieC/Flickr

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