Mom Charged With Murder After She Leaves Her 5 Kids Alone at Home

A Georgia mom who allegedly left her five little boys -- the youngest of whom was 3 -- alone in the house while she went out has been arrested and charged with murder after two of her youngest children died in a house fire. Rockell Coleman, 28, reportedly left her kids by themselves so that she could go out to a restaurant with friends. When a fire broke out at their house that night, sons Jarvis, 10, AJ, 9, and Shamari, 5, survived, but 4-year-old Preston and 3-year-old Haskel were killed in the blaze.


Police are unsure of how the fire started but say AJ acted as a hero and rescued two of his brothers from the house. He reportedly tried to go back into their home to save his other siblings, but firefighters stopped him. Haskel and Preston died at the scene and Jarvis was rushed to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Hospital and placed on life support.

As for Coleman, there is some conflicting info out there as to who was really supposed to be responsible for her children that night. Her mother claims that her son's ex-girlfriend had recently moved in with Coleman and the children and that she was supposed to be babysitting them the night Coleman went out. Since the incident, no one has been able to get in touch with the mystery woman for questioning.

When authorities broke the awful news to Coleman that her two youngest children were killed in the fire, she was reportedly so upset that she had to be sedated and continued to remain sedated while police questioned her. Coleman's mother is also taking issue with this allegation, saying it isn't right to question her while she is under the influence of legal drugs.

Coleman faces two counts of felony murder, as well as five counts of cruelty to children in the second degree.

I would ordinarily feel little sympathy for the mom in a case like this one, but I have to admit that I don't feel entirely sure of the charges she faces if she really did leave someone she assumed was a responsible caretaker in charge of her children. If her story is true, something this horrific and heartbreaking could happen to any one of us when we go out and trust that a babysitter will care for our kids.

Until we hear from the woman whom Coleman claims was put in charge of watching her five children, I can't condemn her for this -- yet.

How do you feel about this mom being charged with murder in this case?


Image Dekalb County Sheriff's Office

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