15-Year-Old Dies Trying to Save His Twin Brother From Armed Robbers

demario baileyWe've all heard of the special bond that many twins share. Even more so than other siblings, they seem to connect on an intense level and are often incredibly protective of one another. That was never more exemplified than in the tragic story of two 15-year-old Chicago brothers. Demario Bailey was killed trying to protect his twin Demacio from a group of armed robbers.


Always conscious about safety in the crime-addled city, it was only recently that their mother began allowing them to go to and from Johnson College Prep by themselves. And though they lived in Englewood, one of the toughest neighborhoods in the area, the teens were yearning for that little bit of independence. By all accounts, they were good students and sweet kids with a mother very involved in the PTA and their education. The killing has rocked the community to its core.

Demario and Demacio had just gotten off the bus and headed toward the school for basketball practice Saturday afternoon when they were accosted by four robbers. According to the police report, they ordered both boys to "give it up" and started going through their pockets. When Demario saw one of the thugs get rough with his brother, he yelled, "Get off my brother!" and attempted to push him off. That's when he was shot.

Here was a bright, kind child mowed down in the streets in a senseless act of violence. It's heartbreaking. We can only imagine the anguish his mother, brother, and entire family are going though. Thankfully, the 17-year-old shooter has been charged with first-degree murder. If found guilty, he deserves nothing less than a life sentence.

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