Mother Arrested for Selling Nude Photos of 5-Year-Old Daughter

A mother is accused of secretly taking photos of her daughter naked from the waist down and selling the pictures for $100 each. The mom, Starla Rae McCabe of Perry, Utah, allegedly had a camera hidden inside of a video game box, and when her 5-year-old daughter would sit playing with her genitalia exposed, the camera would click away. Reportedly, she would then print out the photos and sell them.


The alleged despicable operation was discovered when a relative found the nude photos on the 5-year-old girl's Nintendo DSI and called police. While being interrogated, the mom reportedly told police that she took the pics to show her daughter what her vagina looked like -- but the little girl reportedly spoke up and said that mommy sold the pictures to men.

McCabe has a long history of run-ins with the law over drug offenses, and at one point methamphetamine and syringes were reportedly found in her home within reach of the children. In 2006, she was convicted of child abuse but only receieved probation, which she reportedly violated. In In 2010, she pleaded guilty to attempted child endangerment, but violated probation again.

McCabe has three biological children and two step-children. She reportedly also works three jobs, so it's unclear why she would find it necessary to allegedly pimp out her young daughter in such a vile manner -- perhaps it was just easier money.

Well, this woman has had many, many chances to become a good parent, and it seems beyond her ability of this latest accusation is true. Hopefully, she won't just get probation, which she repeatedly violates, this time. If these charges are true, it's the most despicable betrayal a mother can do to her daughter.

Unfortunately, we've read about cases like this before. As long as there is a thirst for child porn, there will tragically be mothers who will take advantage of that.


Image via Box Elder County

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