Mom Arrested After Punishing Her Son By Making Him Dress Like a Girl

A Florida woman has been arrested on charges of cruelty toward a child and infliction of physical or mental injury, after she condoned the most bizarre punishment for her son. The 10-year-old boy was forced to dress up like a girl, including makeup, and run around outside while others pointed and laughed at him.


According to Winter Garden police, Christie Marie Prado, 34, also took pictures of her young son and sent them via private Facebook message to her boyfriend in West Palm Beach. The boy was crying in the photos, and needless to say, Prado likely won't be winning any parenting awards anytime soon. 

Her excuse for this type of inexcusable emotional abuse is totally lame. She told the authorities that her landlord and roommate, Keith Driscoll, came up with the idea as punishment for the poor kid wetting his pants and soiling himself. Gee, I wonder why he reverts and soils himself with a mom like that.

Plus she said he was only dressed up like that for a couple of minutes, and she totally wasn't comfortable with it anyway, even though she did take that picture and send it to her boyfriend. Nothing says you don't agree with how your child is being treated by mocking him for it.

She claimed that she only went along with the "punishment" because "she did not want to cause problems or ruin her living situation."

Both Prado and Driscoll were arrested, and at least the former was taken to jail. The boy and his two siblings were placed in the care of another family member. The Florida Department of Children and Families said that this is not the first time they've investigated this woman. Hopefully, it will be the last.

Do you think there is any excuse for publicly shaming your child like this?


Image via Winter Garden Police

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