Dad Arrested for Death of 4-Year-Old in Washing Machine (VIDEO)

A father has been arrested for killing his 4-year-old son by placing him in the washing machine. Police responded to a 911 call that a little boy was unconscious and found Joseph Blocker, 28, of Garland, Texas, alone with the boy and a 22-month-old girl.


Reportedly, the little boy, who died at the scene, had injuries consistent with being inside of the front-load washing machine, and the only way to turn it on was to close the door and push a button from the outside, which would have made it impossible for the boy to do it himself.

Blocker was charged with capital murder.

It's SO hard to believe any father would do this. Could there be any other explanation? Reportedly, the investigation is ongoing, but authorities must believe the dad is responsible if they charged him with murder. How could anyone DO such a thing?

A neighbor told CBS Local Media that Blocker had "no expression on his face" while he was being arrested, and another neighbor said the man's hands appeared to be streaked with blood.

The little boy's mother was reportedly out of town when this happened. The little girl was placed in the custody of her mother (a different woman).

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The horror that boy must have gone through -- it's unimaginable. If the dad is found guilty, he definitely needs to go away for a very, very long time.

Image via CBS News

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