Woman Arrested for Stealing 6-Year-Old's iPad Has Sad Excuse

A college student interning at an elementary school in Cumming, Georgia, was arrested for allegedly stealing a 6-year-old's iPad. Reportedly, 21-year-old Kelsey Rose Salie then went and sold the iPad online for $200. But her plan fell apart when the new owners of the device logged in and saw the little girl's parents' information.


Allegedly, Salie took the iPad from the little girl's backpack while the students went to a different classroom. While you might think this is the most despicable thing ever, the reason why Salie did this might wring a drop of sympathy from your hearts -- maybe.

Salie reportedly told detectives that she needed money for Christmas shopping. Salie works as an unpaid intern at the school.

Salie reportedly used her boyfriend's Facebook account to sell the iPad, and the student was able to identify Salie through that same account. The boyfriend later returned the $200 Salie earned for the iPad to the little girl's parents.

On the one hand, it's sad she didn't have any money for Christmas gifts, and it's a shame how much companies use unpaid interns. However, she knew that going in. And it can be a very valuable way for people to gain experience in a field that they may otherwise not if companies had to hire every single person.

But stealing from a 6-year-old at Christmas? Bah humbug! Sounds like this is one person who may not be able to be trusted around children. Salie may have just ruined her career over $200. Perhaps she just should have told her friends and family that this year she couldn't afford gifts -- I'm sure they would have understood, and if not, then those are people you don't need to worry about.

Do you worry about sending electronics with your kids to school?

Image via Forsyth County Police

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