Mom Finds Most Horrific Video of Daughter While Scrolling Through Facebook

One Texas mom was scrolling through her Facebook feed when she got the shock of her life: She saw a heartwrenching video of her teen daughter, and the girl was naked, appeared to be completely unconscious, and was being touched by a man while he panned the camera all over her naked body. The mother immediately called her 16-year-old daughter.


The girl was on her way home and explained to her mother what had happened: She had gone to 22-year-old Francisco Mar-Grafias' home, where he gave her alcohol and cocaine.

Soon the girl woke up naked in his bed, and the man reportedly told her he had used a condom.

As for why the (alleged) creep would post such a video to Facebook, Round Rock Police Sergeant Darin Bayles told KXAN:

There may be a pride factor involved; you can never tell ... I think there’s a bragging right to put that stuff out there. Perhaps they want to draw attention to themselves about what they are doing and may, in some sense, believe in their own mind that it’s not illegal or wrong.

It's unclear how the mom and the suspect knew each other on Facebook, if they were friends or maybe they had friends in common. Either way, the fact that he had the gall to post the video on Facebook, just assuming everyone who saw it would think it was fine, is incredible.

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But it's a good thing he was that stupid, or cops might not have been able to bust him. The video will be great evidence for the prosecution too.


Image via Williamson County Jail

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