Landlord Who Told Mom Her Toddler Was 'Seductive' Arrested After Despicable Find

A woman who moved into a house in Fort Myers, Florida should have known there was something wrong with the landlord when he reportedly told her that her 20-month-old daughter had "seductive" eyes. Yeah, that would send most of us running. But the woman decided to move in anyway and what she found in her closet will sicken you.


The tenant reportedly went into the closet of her new home and noticed some things that had fallen from the top molding. Picking them up, she realized they were thumb drives.

She called her mom and the two decided to look at the thumb drives. And what they found repulsed them. Reportedly, there were dozens of photos of a man in sexual positions with children -- and after police matched the man's face with the home owner's driver's license, they realized it was the same guy. The man was Brian Robert Harling, 57, now under arrest.

They were reportedly also able to track down a 12-year-old boy on one of the thumb drives by looking through Harling's Facebook friend's list. There, they saw a "friend" who matched the boy on the drives.

All in all, 3,000 images and 35 videos of child pornography were found on the drives, say police.

Thank goodness Harling decided to rent out his home, or who knows how long this could have gone on. And good thing the drives fell from the molding, and that the new tenant found them. So many lucky breaks here.

If only he could have been stopped somehow before it happened!


Image via LCSO

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