'Psychotic' Father of 6 Suspected of Killing Wife, Neighbor & Church Pastor (VIDEO)

Police are on the hunt for a father of six who allegedly killed his wife, pastor and a neighbor in Bradenton, Florida. Andres "Andy" Avalos, 33, is suspected of shooting his pastor at his church, and also killing his wife, Amber Avalos, 33, and their neighbor, Denise Potter, 46, who was also at the home.


Four schools in the district were put on lockdown yesterday as police feared he might try to pick up his six kids from school. Police consider him to be armed and dangerous.

Amber is the church's church's nursery/children's director and the pair had been married for 15 years. They were high school sweethearts, together since they were 16 years old.

Reports say that Avalos confronted the church's pastor in the courtyard before killing him. After police found his body, they decided to check Avalos' home and that's when they found additional victims, with Avalos nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, police rushed to four different schools to collect the children.

Police don't know what sparked the killing spree, but Amber's sister told the Bradenton:

He's crazy, he's psychotic. He takes drugs and he drinks a lot.

She also said at a press conference:

I know people are saying this is a crime of passion. I won't get into the details. He was messed up lately.

Asked what she would say to him, she replied, "How dare you not think of the six kids you have and the future they will have now."

A neighbor also said that a few days ago, he had heard Amber scream, and went to check out the situation, only to find Amber on her stomach by the curb.

Oddly, neighbors also said there had once been a murder in the same house the Avalos lived in. In 2008, a man broke into the house and tied up and robbed 74-year-old Janice Fore. She died from a sock being shoved in her mouth and obstructing her breathing. "It's kind of an eerie feeling," said a neighbor about the home's history.

I can only imagine being those poor children, suddenly having your school locked down, and when police come to get you, having to hear that your father may have killed your mother, a neighbor, and the church pastor. And that he is on the loose. Terrifying and devastating for those poor kids.

Police would not say where the children were now to protect them.

Image via Bradenton Police


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