Man Arrested for Forcing Woman to Swallow Abortion Pill

A man has been charged with forcing a woman to take an "abortion pill" after he learned her pregnancy test was positive. The man, Thomas Pfeiffer, 44, of New York, has been charged with strangling the woman after they got into a fight. He also allegedly forced her to swallow Plan B, a contraceptive pill that can prevent pregnancy.


Reportedly, the man is an anesthesiologist, but I guess he must not understand how Plan B works. If the woman was already pregnant, Plan B would not abort the pregnancy. It only prevents the egg from being fertilized -- which, if she was already pregnant, would have already happened.

But that's neither here nor there. What the man did was despicable. You don't strangle a woman (if he did it), and you certainly don't force her to take any medication against her will.

That said, he is reportedly being charged with "felony abortion," despite the fact that Plan B can't cause an abortion. So, ya know, bizarre all around. But according to the law, you can't intend to force anyone to have a miscarriage, and since this allegedly was his intent, maybe that's how he was being charged. Sounds like he thought that is what would happen.

Some outlets, however, are saying the pill was an "abortion pill" -- which could have been RU-486. Perhaps she didn't quite know what pill he allegedly had. Either way, that's horrible. No word on whether the man ran out to procure the pill after being told of the woman's pregnancy, or if he just happened to have it lying around.

Also no word on the status of the pregnancy.

For the baby's sake, I hope the woman dumps this douche before the birth.


Image via Ulster County Sheriff's Office

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