​Preschool Director Charged With Abusing Her Own Child

teresa robinsonTeresa Robinson is being charged with beating her 11-year-old foster child with a belt. That child told investigators that her mom "whooped" her because she "wrote a bad word at school that day and was in trouble." The child was examined by a doctor who said that her injuries were "too numerous to count." To make this story even more terrifying, Robinson is the Director at Dunbar Christian Preschool in Fort Myers, Florida. The preschool has been licensed since 1996 and cares for up to 23 children.


Robinson has not been charged or currently suspected in the abuse of any children under her care at the preschool. But it's terrifying to think that a parent who would physically hurt their child is in charge of a preschool. Investigators are saying that this isn't just a case of a parent hitting their child over one thing (not that I condone that), but it was evident that this child has been the victim of severe physical abuse.

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Two years ago, the WINK News team interviewed Robinson when the preschool was robbed and gifts from their gift exchange was stolen. She is recorded as saying of those thieves, "I call all my students my babies. They took from my babies. Like I said, that’s the heart-wrenching part about it."

Everything about this story is heart-wrenching. I am hoping that this 11-year-old who was abused gets the care she needs and deserves. She has been placed with another family while the investigation continues. And the preschool remains open -- though Robinson is not to have any contact with the children at the school.

Does this story make you think twice about your child's daycare, preschool, or any care-taking situation?


Image via Cape Coral Police

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