Woman Gets Most Terrifying Call of Her Life in Twisted Scam

A Dallas-Forth Worth woman received the worst phone call of her life one day while at work. A man who identified himself as a paramedic said that her husband had been in a car accident. He also said her husband had hit the man's son, and the man was angry, had dragged her husband from his car, pistol whipped him, and now he was bleeding profusely and injured. That wasn't even the half of it. The man also claimed he had kidnapped her husband and wanted $4,000 wired to him or he would kill him.


Panicked, the woman, identified only as Pamela, said she quickly scribbled "Ransom for my husband" on a napkin for her coworkers to read.

The man on the phone said if she hung up, he would kill her husband. She desperately thought about how she would get the money and ran out of work to get to the bank.

She told Fox13:

Finally, when I got into Oldsmar, they dropped the call. They said, 'You know what? Keep that money, put it towards his funeral,' and they hung up the phone. I was devastated; I thought I just killed my husband. I absolutely killed him and I won't have him.

But horrifyingly, the whole thing was a scam. Her husband was safe at work the entire time.

Ugh, what a horrible position to be in. Even if it does cross your mind that something like that could be a scam, who would want to risk that by not taking it seriously?

Cops say that if something like this happens to you, try to reach your loved on another phone. If anyone ever asks you to wire money for any reason, a red flag should go up that it's a scam.

Scary. And with so many of us using cellphones with auto dialing and not even memorizing numbers anymore, perhaps a list of loved ones' phone numbers in your purse might not be a bad idea.

Have you ever heard of this scam?

Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

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