Couple Arrested for Kicking Kids Out of Home When They Couldn't Find Remote Control

Two young children were allegedly kicked out into the street because they couldn't find the remote control. The children, ages 9 and 12, were spotted sitting outside of a convenience store after 11 p.m. and had reportedly been sitting there for hours. When approached by police and asked where they lived, they said they were homeless but the man they had been staying with had kicked them out of the house when the remote control went missing.


The children were reportedly staying with a couple while their mom went to find a place to stay for the evening as the family is homeless. Leslie Ann Pruitt Parks, 44, of Salisbury, Maryland, was with the children but when her husband, Leonard, came home, he allegedly gave the children 15 minutes to find the remote control. When they came up empty, he allegedly kicked them out and locked the door behind them.

The children wandered to a nearby convenience store and stayed there until police found them. Ugh, how horrible. So many children live like this -- homeless, nowhere to go, and not only was the mom not watching them, but the adults charged with their care sound like they couldn't care less.

Reportedly, the kids hadn't eaten since noon and it was past 11 p.m. when they were found.

Cops made sure they were fed and then brought them to social services. The couple they were staying with were arrested. You have to wonder what this couple were thinking -- did the man grow up just as horribly for him to be so horrible?

I feel so bad for these kids. They did nothing to deserve any of this, and yet this is their life. Even if their mom isn't doing the best of it, they probably don't want to be torn away from her either.

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Hopefully they will at least get some food in their bellies and be taken care of in foster care for awhile, but these are the types of children that haunt our souls. No kids should live like this.


Image via Wicimico County Sheriff's Office

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