Kindergarten Teacher Mom Killed in Mall Bathroom

reem island ghostKindergarten teacher Ibolya Ryan, who is also the mother of 11-year-old twin boys Adam and Aiden, had been working as a teacher in Abu Dhabi. Ryan was born in Romania but was an American citizen and trained and worked as a teacher in the United States for many years. She had been living in Abu Dhabi for the past year with her sons. While at the upscale Bourik Mall on Reem Island, Ryan was attacked by someone with a knife. She was in the bathroom when the attacker approached her and said, "Sit down or I'll kill you." She was then stabbed to death.


The police believe the person in the black robe, gloves, and face covering -- called a niqab -- stabbed Ryan to death in the bathroom stall. If you watch the surveillance video, it seems the "Reem Island Ghost", as he or she is being called, wanted to go to the bathroom area perhaps thinking it was a semi-secluded place where the victim would be vulnerable.

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The police are investigating and haven't disclosed if this was an act of jihadists or an argument in the bathroom. Just weeks ago, there was a warning that jihadists may attack teachers at American schools in the Middle East. Witnesses report that there was yelling and they heard someone say, "Sit down or I'll kill you" followed by a struggle. The video shows the attacker entering the bathroom just after 1 p.m., but the attack didn't happen until after 2 p.m. That is very suspicious. And terrifying. To think that someone was lurking in that bathroom for over an hour waiting for a victim sends chills down my spine. There was what looked like a bloody kitchen knife found at the scene.

Ryan was rushed to Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, but she died as a result of her multiple stab wounds. Her ex-husband, her children's father, Paul Ryan, was said to be on his way to be with his children. It was reported that he lives in Austria but was originally from Denver, Colorado.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Ryan family. How awful that these boys lost their mother in such a violent manner.

Do you think this was the work of jihadists?

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