Army Recruiters Busted for Sex With High School Student They Were Recruiting (VIDEO)

Two US Army recruiters who were stationed at a Florida high school are in big trouble after they recruited more than wannabe soldiers. They are both accused of recruiting a 17-year-old member of the opposite sex and not for purposes of serving the country -- more like serving themselves. The recruiters, Christopher Glenn Doner, 30, and John Back, 33 -- both married with children -- were allegedly having sexual relations with the high school student.


The military men, both staff sergeants with the Army, met the teen while recruiting at an Osceola County high school. At some point, the girl's mother learned she was having sexual relations with two adults and informed authorities.

Doner has been arrested on 10 counts of unlawful sex with certain minors and sits in jail. Back had relocated to Michigan, but investigators said they would extradite him. The Army said neither man will be able to continue recruiting high schoolers while the investigation is pending.

A former student said, "That's kind of crazy, because it's the military and you really wouldn't expect that from people that we trust with our lives."

Obviously, these soldiers should have known better. Was this really worth not only potentially destroying their families but also their military careers?

High school girls aren't there for your personal plucking when you're there to recruit them for the military. Seriously, these two should be ashamed. They reflect horribly on the military.

Do your kids have Army recruiters in their schools?

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