Father Accused of Starving Special Needs Teen to 35 Pounds (VIDEO)

A father in Indiana has been arrested for nearly starving his 15-year-old daughter to death. The girl was found weighing only 35 pounds. At 15!! That's unimaginable. Not only were her bones reportedly protruding grotesquely from her flesh, but she also was covered in feces.


Steve Sells, 58, is being held by authorities until charges can be filed. His wife, Joetta Sue Sells, is also facing charges.

When cops found the teen, she was lying on a cot with an oxygen tank and looked like a Holocaust victim -- but her father had an explanation. He claimed the girl had a chromosome disorder and showed them a "letter" of some kind saying so. But would this cause the girl to weigh almost nothing?

He also said that he was the girl's guardian because her mother had abandoned her.

But that's not all. Inside the home there was a 4-year-old girl -- and she told cops a different story. She said the teen was locked in her room day and night, and that she would stick her fingers around the door trying to get out. She also reportedly told police that the dad would drag the teen around by the hair.

Reportedly, the room the teen was locked in was covered in feces and blood.

Neighbors said they never even saw the girl -- though the father would sometimes ask neighborhood motorcyclists to quiet down because of his "special needs" daughter.

The girl's condition was discovered when other relatives finally brought the girl to a hospital. Sells has other children, but it's unclear how many or in what condition they're in.

Police say they will investigate the father's claims of the daughter's medical condition and if that could have caused her low weight. Even if so, it still doesn't excuse her being allegedly locked in a feces-covered room.

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Sounds horrific all the way around and thank goodness this girl was finally saved. That poor, poor child.

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Image via Madison County Sheriff's Office

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