Children Forced to Eat Despicable Cookies Will Share $140 Million

Students who were forced to eat semen-laced cookies by a teacher will soon be splitting up a $140 million settlement between a Los Angeles school district and victims of this disgusting crime. Mark Berndt, 63, is serving a 25-year sentence for blindfolding young students, making them eat semen-laced cookies, giving them semen in a spoon, and putting cockroaches on them. And he took pictures of them too. If this wasn't true, you'd totally think this was some acid-induced nightmare.


Lawyers say that there were 81 victims of Berndt's disgusting acts and that school officials long ignored his suspicious conduct. He was finally stopped when a 19-year-old pharmacy worker called police after Berndt brought in pictures of kids blindfolded in "bondage-style" photos.

Some of the accusations the school reportedly ignored included fourth grade girls who complained that Berndt was masturbating in class -- they were told they were lying. And then there was a parent who somehow got ahold of a child eating a cookie covered in "white slime." According to court documents, the parent was told not to call police. Parents reportedly were scared to go to cops because they came from largely poor Hispanic homes and some feared deportation.

A former judge has been assigned to split up the settlement, with kids getting money depending on how much they were affected by what happened to them. Those who are "suicidal" will get more, while those who are "doing fine" will get less.

I don't know about you, but that sounds like a recipe for disaster. What parent isn't going to say their kid is suicidal when millions are at stake?

While it's good that the school district was forced to pony up compensation for these poor little kids who went through such repulsive abuse, no amount of money could possibly make up for it.

Hopefully, despite the money involved, none of these kids are suicidal, because no scumbag like this is worth anyone's life. I hope they are all getting the help they need.

Do you think this is enough money?

Image via Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept

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