Gunman Who Killed 4 People & Himself Left Heartsick Facebook Posts

A West Virginia man who fatally shot four people in three separate shooting incidents Monday morning was found dead in the woods last night from a self-inflicted gun wound, according to police. Jody Lee Hunt, 39, is the alleged gunman who police say owned a towing business and went on a wild shooting spree that has cops still trying to put together the "puzzle pieces" he left at three different crime scenes. The shootings were targeted and aimed at specific people, police say, and a pair of cryptic Facebook messages reportedly posted by Hunt right before the crimes may provide a few answers here.


Three of the victims have been identified as Sharon Kay Berkshire, 39, Michael David Frum, 28, and Doug Brady, who owned a towing company located less than a quarter mile from Hunt's business.

Berkshire and Hunt were somehow involved in a relationship, according to police, and the woman had reportedly filed a domestic violence case against the shooter last month. At the time of the incident, the woman did not reportedly have a protective order against Hunt.

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Prior to the murders, Hunt allegedly took to Facebook to post messages that indicated he was dealing with a failed romantic relationship. He reportedly wrote, "I poured out my heart to her only to be maniupulated [sic] as to what I could give her. Life is short. It’s not all games. Don’t play a game with ones heart."

Hunt then reportedly wrote, "My actions were not right nor were the actions of those who tried to tear me down and take from me. This was not the plan but a struggle to see that those who strives to hurt me received their fair pay of hurt like I received. You will not hurt me any more. You will not destroy my soul and heart as you tried so hard to do."

What a chilling thing to read after learning about these gruesome murders. It sounds like he may have had everything planned and was leaving a farewell note on his Facebook wall.

We still have a lot to learn about the shooter and his connections to each of his victims. For the time being, our hearts go out to the victims' families as they try to piece this all together and make sense out of it.

What do you think happened here?


Image via West Virginia State Police

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