Woman Pretends Friend's Baby Is Hers for 6 Months To Keep Man

Women can get a little crazy when they're in love. No one disputes that. In fact, sometimes they'll fake being pregnant. We know that from soap operas -- and the news. But few take it as far as Charmaine Wilson did. Wilson, who lives in Wales, U.K., fell madly in love with a one-night stand. And "mad" is the operative word here. For in order to keep up a connection with her drunk one night Romeo, Wilson concocted an epic story of pregnancy -- one that involved multiple lies spread out over multiple months. And it even involved a real child.


Once Wilson, 25, hooked up with Liam Griffiths, 31, she was totally smitten -- and devastated that he wanted nothing more to do with her. (Men!)

One day, while working at a hospital while she was a nurse, she was carrying her friend's 2-year-old child, and saw Griffiths, who was visiting his grandfather, there.

She promptly told him the toddler she held in her arms was HIS.

In order to prove it, Wilson forged a birth certificate, and also managed to produce fake DNA test results to prove that the baby boy was Griffiths's son. As a nurse, Wilson was able to get ahold of these documents.

Griffiths's family was thrilled -- and showered Wilson and her "son" with gifts. They were even about to build the toddler a home that he could live in with his dad.

But the baby fraud came crumbling down six months later thanks to Facebook (of course!) when a real relative of the baby spotted him in a picture with Griffiths, who was proudly showing off his "son."

The person demanded to know why Griffiths was claiming that his cousin was Griffiths's son and then contacted the toddler's real mother, who confirmed it was indeed HER son, not Wilson's. Whoops! Busted.

Sadly, Wilson's lies had a profound effect. Griffiths was devastated to lose the son he never had. He said in court:

I am devastated and heartbroken to have lost a child that I thought was my son and had bonded with this child. We fell in love with him from the start and I am heartbroken to have lost him.

This story might be incredible, but even more incredible is the punishment handed down to Wilson. Though she was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison, she only served 23 days.

Despite abusing her position as nurse, and fooling an entire family into thinking they had a new member of the family, Wilson hardly did any time at all. I suspect this woman is just broken -- even hard time wouldn't cure whatever ails her soul.

As for the friend who allowed Wilson to borrow her child for such foolery, she really needs some major help too! These women have some serious problems.

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One report says that Wilson did indeed become pregnant after the pair's one sexual encounter and ended up terminating the pregnancy, but even so, that's no excuse for her subsequent behavior. In fact, it makes it that much more baffling.

What do you think of what she did? Did she serve enough time?


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