Newlywed Killed in Front of Wife by Teens With Hammers (VIDEO)

A newlywed has reportedly been beaten to death with hammers in front of his wife of six months by a group of teens who randomly surrounded his car in St. Louis, Missouri. The horrifying incident began when Zemir Begi, 32, was riding home from a bar with his wife when a group of teens reportedly surrounded his car and began banging on it. Begi reportedly stepped out of the car to confront them when they allegedly began attacking him with hammers.


His new wife, Arijana Mujkanovic, told KSDK that her husband saved her life by pulling her out of the way and placing himself in front of her, so the teens set upon him and not her, saying he gave up his life for her.

A friend who was also in the car, Suad Nuranjkovic, said he worried the teens would have a gun, so he ran out of the car and fled to a nearby parking lot.

Despite the fact that the victim was from Bosnia and the teens were reportedly all black and Hispanic, cops don't believe that the attack was racially motivated. They also think it had nothing to do with the protests over the Ferguson shooting that are happening in the city. There is no indication that the teens knew who the victim was. Still, given that Ferguson is only 20 minutes away, it's hard to believe the teens weren't riled up by what is happening there.

Another person who was attacked the same night by teens with hammers but managed to escape with minor injuries said the group numbered about 50.

Wow. This is incredibly scary. To think teens could have so much rage and hatred in them to randomly attack a stranger who did nothing to them!

Begic's sister said the family immigrated from Bosnia years ago in order to get away from violence -- how tragic that they met up with it here, so randomly and unexpectedly.

You have to wonder where law enforcement was that such a large group of teens were able to wander around the city wiedling hammers.

Cops said at least three teens suspected of being involved in the attack were captured, but let's hope that any teen who helped perpetrate this senseless killing are caught, and soon!


Image via TiffaDay/Flickr

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