Mom & Son Arrested for Robbing Home of Neighbors Who'd Just Shared Thanksgiving Meal with Them (VIDEO)

The holidays really bring out the kind and generous in some people, and it did with a Milford, Connecticut couple who gladly shared their Thanksgiving Day dinner with their neighbors, 50-year-old Laurie Eddings and her son, 31-year-old Christopher Warren. Unfortunately, Eddings and Warren weren't in much of a giving mood themselves -- they were in more of a taking mood. The pair were arrested on Thanksgiving evening for robbing their neighbors -- the very ones who had just shared their meal with them.


Their next door neighbors, the Strain family, noticed their safe was missing. When daughter Crystal went across the street to see her neighbors, who were such good friends she sometimes stayed overnight with them, she was shocked to see them trying to pry open the missing safe. Not only had they allegedly tried to pry it open, they were doing so with tools they'd stolen from the Strain family too. The mother/son duo had allegedly taken the Strain house key from Crystal's purse.

The shocking part was not only were these neighbors the Strains say they were always helping out -- but that they had just brought them a Thanksgiving Day meal too.

"I brought them a Thanksgiving plate and it's like a backstab to me," Crystal Strain told WFSB.

Crystal's dad, Christopher, was shocked his neighbors would do this, saying that they are always helping out the mom and her unemployed son -- bringing them to the store and doctor's visits, etc. "And then to turn around and, you know, find your stuff in their house," he told NBC Connecticut.

Talk about unneighborly. Stealing your neighbor's belongings is bad enough. Stealing them right after they've shared their Thanksgiving Day meal with you? Doesn't get much worse than that. If these allegations are true, this is one mother/son pair who deserve a very lonely and empty-plated Christmas.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

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