Dad Politely Apologizes Before Robbing Convenience Store

It's always good to have manners. "Please pass the salt" is so much better than "Give me the damn salt, willya?" And apologizing when you've done something wrong is always appreciated. So, it's nice that this armed robber apologized to a store clerk in San Antonio, Texas, before relieving his store of its cash.


Police are looking for a man who politely wandered into a convenience store in town, gently took out his gun, and oh-so-delicately pointed it in the face of the clerk. The uber-polite thief then reportedly said:

I hate to do this but I have a family. I'm going to need all the cash in the register and the carton of cigarettes.

Serz, that was so nice. The man then presumably opened the door for someone before he left with the cash, got in his car, and nicely allowed someone to cut in front of him before he fled the scene.

Cops haven't apprehended him yet, but when they do, I'm fairly certain the guy will apologize for interrupting their holiday with his crime.

Um, you guys, there's never any reason to rob a store -- even if you have a family. Unless maybe you have kids and they are starving to death and you haven't been able to find a job and all of the food pantries in town have rejected you, and no churches will help you, and even your polite begging hasn't gotten you a dime.

Also, cigarettes? Your family doesn't need those, dude.

But, if you are going to rob a store, I guess you might as well be polite about it, amiright?

Should he be cut some slack because he was polite?

Image via KSAT

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