Mom Who Made Despicable Videos With Toddler Son Won't Pay Nearly Enough

This is an incredibly sad and grotesque story out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A 25-year-old mother has been sentenced to seven years in prison for making pornography videos -- starring herself and her toddler son.


Jessica Bell grew up with an adoptive mom but eventually tracked down her biological family and moved to be near her half-brother, Justin Surber. It's during this time that she began a sexual relationship with Surber, and also one with her son, who was believed to be about 3 years old at the time.

At some point, Bell decided to break off the relationship and sent her son to live with her mother. She then moved away from Surber to another town.

But when Bell got a new boyfriend, Surber told him to check Bell's computer. The new boyfriend did and what he saw shocked him -- there were hundreds of emails between Surber and Bell about the boy that were sexual in nature. There were also, horrifyingly, sexual videos between the mom and her son.

The boyfriend called police.

During a hearing, Bell cried and said she should have protected her son better -- she also reportedly seemed to blame Surber for what happened. But the judge noted that in many of the videos, Surber was not present; therefore, her "coercion defense" did not stand up.

It's incredible to think this woman is only getting seven years when adults get much more for having sexual relationships with teenagers. But since she has more charges to face in another county, perhaps she'll end up getting more time behind bars. Hopefully.

Surber is being charged with incest, but no word yet on whether he is being charged in connection with the boy.

Thank goodness the new boyfriend decided to check the computer and didn't dismiss the old boyfriend's warning. And thank goodness that the old boyfriend/half-brother decided to rat himself out for whatever reason!

The judge ordered Bell to have no contact with the boy, who is now about 4, for 17 years. How horrible to think that one day he will fully understand why he can't have contact with his mother.

Do you think this is enough time?


Image via Tim (Timothy) Pearce/Flickr

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