Brave Dad Discovers Son's Shocking 'Hobby' & Calls Police

It's great when parents love their kids unconditionally, that is the way it should be. But there are times when your kids need to be loved AND have their butts kicked. And sometimes, even, loved and have the cops called. That's what one dad didn't even hesitate to do when he found a camera memory card in his 15-year-old son's dirty laundry. When he popped the card into his computer, he got the shock of his life ... and called the police on his own son.


The father, whose identity isn't revealed, says he was stunned to see photos and video of women from the neighborhood, some clothed and some naked -- with the viewpoint from outside their windows.

It didn't take long for the dad to conclude that perhaps his son was the one taking the Peeping Tom videos and decided to confront him. Reportedly, his son eventually admitted his offense.

The horrified dad said he feels like he's "failed as a parent."

He said the first thing he did was call police and that it never entered his mind not to. In fact, he even brought the memory card down to the station. He told WBNS:

He has to, I guess, face the consequences for his actions. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I, as a parent, cannot do what's wrong to try to cover up something my son did that was wrong. I have to do what's right, regardless ... I love my son unconditionally. But that love is not going to override the fact that he needs to pay for what he did.

So many people are quick to blame the parents when their kid goes off the rails, but it sounds like this child was raised with a father with very firm morals. Sometimes you just can't control what your kid decides to do. That's the thing about babies: They grow into human beings who make their own decisions, and there is only so much you can influence those decisions. Best case scenario, this is a curious teen who will learn his lesson from this and never get into this kind of thing again. Worst case: He's a budding sexual predator and his behavior will escalate despite the dad's strict stance. Only time will tell.

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Kudos to the dad for putting his child first -- because you really DO put your child first when you make him or her face the consequences of poor decisions.


Image via WBNS

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