Newly-Freed Predator Caught Roaming Toy Store For 8 Hours Looking for Next Victim

A dangerous sex offender was reportedly caught trying to molest a young girl in the aisle of a Toys R Us. It's shocking enough that the convicted criminal was hanging around a toy store, and that he managed to get the little girl alone when her family turned their backs for a moment -- but what is even more shocking is that he reportedly prowled the aisles of the kids' store for eight hours before zeroing in on his target.


Leslie Foster, who has a 50-year long rap sheet and had just been freed from prison in Britain, was caught on surveillance cam walking up and down the aisles of a Toys R Us in Lancashire. Finally, a 7-year-old girl became separated from her father and brother while looking at Barbie dolls and that's when Foster made his twisted move.

According to a report, he winked at the girl, exposed himself, and then said that he would buy her anything she wanted if she showed him her underwear. The little girl ran away and was found sobbing in the aisles by staff, who reunited her with her father.

Police and staff studied the surveillance cam footage looking for the man the youngster described and were horrified to see that the man had been wandering around the aisles for at least eight hours, sometimes disappearing and then coming back with a change of clothes.

Obviously, this was one very determined and calculating sex offender. It's scary to think how much time, energy, and work he put into looking for a target.

The man reportedly had a very long rap sheet that had already included child molestation. He'd even reportedly told staff at one mental hospital to keep him locked up.

But he was back out on the streets as a psychiatric patient and was allowed to roam around without an escort when he raped a teen while holding a knife to her throat.

Despite the fact that he was given a life sentence, he was somehow back out on the street again in 2012. In February, he targeted the girl in the store. It's amazing nothing worse happened.

In a statement, the girl's father said he wanted to "kill" the man.

Foster admitted to the latest offense and has been sent back to prison for eight years. At 63 years old, it's pretty clear that Foster can't change. Why risk letting him out again when he'll be 71?


Image via © Will Salkeld Photography/Corbis

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