Mom Arrested for Abandoning Week-Old Newborn in Storm Drain for 5 Days

baby abandoned storm drainFew of us will ever understand how some moms can carry their babies for nine months, give birth, and then abandon their helpless newborn in an unsafe place instead of giving her up for adoption if they don't feel they can properly care for her. The latest shocking example of this comes from Sydney, where a 30-year-old mother has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after her week-old son was found alive -- thank god -- in a roadside storm drain. Officials say he spent five days there before he was discovered by pure luck and chance.


Saifale Nai could spend 25 years in prison if she is found guilty of abandoning her infant in an 8-foot-deep drain located in one of Sydney's suburbs, according to police. So far, her attorney has not entered a plea for her or applied for bail, which is all a bit mysterious.

A group of cyclists were reportedly riding by the drain when they say they heard a sound they thought was a kitten at first. They dropped down into the drain and lifted a slab off of it to investigate and, surely to their shock, found the teeny baby who showed no visible signs of physical injury, but was suffering from malnourishment and dehydration.

He was taken to a children's hospital, where it was reported that he was in serious but stable condition.

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Detectives say the baby was abandoned in the drain the day after he was born. In order to really get a sense for how insanely remote and dangerous this storm drain looks, watch this video and let us know what you think:

Do you think this mother deserves to be charged with attempted murder?


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