Man Charged With Killing Single Mom Who Led Secret Life As An Escort

It took seven long years, but a suspect was finally arrested for the murder of a Colorado single mom who reportedly led a secret life as an escort. After Paige Birgfeld disappeared in 2007, her remains weren't found until 2012. And while 63-year-old Lester Ralph Jones was one of her clients, whom police suspected all along, it took another two years until they gathered enough evidence to charge him with murder, kidnapping and arson.


Jones was reportedly one of the last people to call and speak with Birgfeld before she vanished. The 34-year-old was a single mom of three and reportedly led a double life as an escort who ran a prostitution business called Models Inc.

After her eight-year-old daughter reported her missing in June 2007, police found her vehicle -- but it had been set on fire. Police dogs reportedly sniffed out Jones' scent in the vehicle. Additional crazy evidence: cops say they found both a gas can in the RV where he worked and a disposable cell phone that he allegedly used to call the woman before her death.

When detectives questioned him, Jones reportedly insisted he had never met Birgfeld, but another escort told them he had contacted the mom for an appointment, which he canceled after discovering he used to work with her ex-husband.

From there, the details are still very murky. We aren't sure of the exact cause of Birgfeld's death or the alleged suspect's motive. A hiker reportedly discovered the mother's remains in the Wells Gulch area of Mesa County and investigators had to rely on her dental records by that point to identify her.

We also don't know why it took so long for police to make this arrest, though they say the fact that Birgfeld kept her other life hidden so well may have delayed gathering the evidence they needed.

Jones is expected to appear in court on Monday. His prior arrests reportedly include sexual assault, kidnapping and domestic violence.

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Image via Mesa County Sheriff's Office


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