17-Year-Old Arrested for Posing as 6th Grader to Recruit Victims for Pedophile (VIDEO)

This sounds like the bad plot of a movie based around pedophilia, but crazily, it actually happened. Police have arrested a 17-year-old who was allegedly posing as a 12-year-old at a local school -- and they think his reason for doing this is that he was recruiting young victims for himself and his older lover.


Ricardo Jhavid Lugo, who is 17, somehow managed to enroll as a sixth grader in an elementary school in Hurst, Texas. But before you scream that the school obviously didn't do enough to protect students, the school released a statement saying that Lugo had a man with him posing as his father and that the father provided a birth certificate, immunization records, and proof of residency.

It would later come out that the man's name was Randy Ray Wesson, he was 28, and he and his "son" were not actually related -- though they were living together.

The school said that Lugo did not raise any alarm bells at the school -- that both his behavior and demeanor were that of a 12-year-old. Looking at Lugo's mug shot, I wouldn't exactly peg this guy as being 12. But if he was in an elementary school and everyone was telling me he was 12, I'd probably buy it.

But the pair's alleged scheme came crashing down three months after Lugo enrolled in school. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children sent a tip to the police and they began searching Wesson's home for child pornography.

Reportedly, Wesson admitted to police that he had at least 42,000 child pornography images and had abused up to 100 child victims. He originally met Lugo online when the teen lived in Mexico and somehow convinced him to come live in Texas with him.

Police don't yet know if Wesson and Lugo were able to victimize anyone at the school, but reportedly the couple did discuss at least one possible victim. Lugo texted Wesson about a young boy who had invited Lugo over to his house because the boy apparently wanted someone to "touch" him, and they agreed not to tell anyone. Wesson reportedly texted back, "Horny?"

Wow, this is incredibly scary. You think your kids are safe from predators if you keep them off the Internet, watch them at playgrounds, and don't let them out of your sight for too long. Who knew that another 12-year-old at school could be the one you should worry about???

Hopefully, this kind of thing is extremely rare. Cops working on the case say they've never heard of anything like this. And hopefully Wesson and Lugo were not able to victimize any of the kids at the school.

Could you have ever imagined anything like this?

Image via Hurst Police

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