Police Officer Says He Violated Teen Because He Was Stressed (VIDEO)

A police officer convicted of having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl blames it on the stress from his job. Charles Locke, 42, had a sexual relationship with the girl and videotaped their encounters twice -- at least once with his uniform on. But Locke, who was semi-famous for arresting a serial killer, says it was because he was working so much.


Locke reportedly met the teen while he was moonlighting as a security guard at a recreation center while keeping his regular hours as a cop (we should pay cops more, but that's another story!). The teen's parents apparently became suspicious of their relationship after noticing they were spending a lot of time together -- even in his police cruiser!

And apparently they had heard rumors about him hooking up with other teens at the center. At this point, the mom grilled him about their relationship and asked if he was doing more than "mentoring" her daughter. I guess when you're a cop, people just think they can automatically trust you to do the right thing -- bad idea.

In court, Locke blamed having sex with the teen on working 90 hours a week, being exhausted, being "emotional," and "having no control."

None of that softened the judge, who sentenced him to almost 20 years in prison. That is a very long time for doing something because of being stressed! Take note all stressed predators who think the solution to de-stressing is going after a teen.

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It's really kind of a shame because up until this happened, Locke had a long, respected career as a police officer and had even arrested Anthony Sowell, who had killed seven women.

Remember there is no excuse for breaking the law -- and a cop should know what those laws are.

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