Woman Arrested for Gunning Down Fiance & His Son After He Breaks Off Engagement

Breaking up is hard to do, but it should never be deadly. Unfortunately, sometimes it is, which I guess is why some people are allergic to confrontation and just drop off the face of Earth when they want to call a relationship quits. That's what Robin O’Neill's fiance, Steve Lott, should have done, because she was arrested for killing him and his son on the day he broke off their engagement.


O'Neill and Lott of Townshend, Vermont, became engaged in July, and it was going to be a late marriage for both -- she is 62 and he is 60. But then reportedly Lott began spending a lot of time with a female friend, and things became strained between them. They reportedly had several arguments, and things sometimes turned physical. Already some major red flags that this engagement might not work out.

Then on Tuesday, the pair were riding to work together when Lott apparently called off the engagement. This would be devastating for any woman, but I imagine if you're 62 and finally feel you've found your prince, and you see him backing out of your life, that's got to be even more hurtful. She was probably picturing growing old with him -- and that picture wasn't that far off.

That night, O'Neill reportedly told police that she drank a lot of wine. Can't blame her -- probably numbing her heart to what had just happened. But the two obviously hadn't cut contact completely since she was home with her ex-fiance when his 28-year-old son came over to do laundry.

Father and son were talking in the kitchen when O'Neill told cops she couldn't remember what happened next. The next thing she knew, both men were on the ground, in a pool of blood. She had a gun in her hands.

Police said in the cruiser she asked for red wine and cigarettes. Guess she should enjoy them while she can get them because it sounds like she might end up in a place where they are hard to come by.

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Unfortunately, this is just one of the stories that makes you want to flee when you break off a relationship and not even tell the person you loved WHY. That isn't exactly mature, but I would say if your ex has a gun, it might be wise.

Have you ever felt scared to break off a relationship?


Image via Vermont State Police

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