5-Year-Old's Shocking Diagnosis Reveals Horrifying Family Secret

girl in hospitalIt's an unimaginable horror. You take your daughter to the doctor and learn that she is ill. Not with strep throat, not an ear infection, or any other usual childhood ailment. You learn that your 5-year-old has chlamydia. Even worse, you discover how she contracted it.


The little girl of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania was taken to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where doctors gave her mother the diagnosis and  called the police. The actual attack had occurred a few months earlier and the suspect was a teenage family member visiting from Ecuador. And shockingly, the mother had suspected her daughter was the victim of a sexual assault.

"He stuck his pee pee into my private parts," the poor, traumatized child told the police. This relative, 18, has since been charged with rape of a child, indecent sexual assault, and endangering the welfare of a child. He is currently being held in the country prison on $250,000 bail. The investigators said it best, "this guy is an animal."

This story is another painful reminder for parents that our children can face danger from people we'd never suspect. It's a horrible thought, of course. We don't want to live our lives fearing anyone and everyone will hurt our kids. But this poor mother is no doubt asking herself why? Why would someone she know and presumably trusted do this?

Have you ever feared for your child's safety?

Image via © Graham Bell/Corbis

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