Mom Caught on Video Abusing Baby Because He Looked Like His Dad (VIDEO)

A mother has been accused of the unimaginable -- torturing her baby because he looked like his father. The woman, 26-year-old Jenna Schumacher, brought her 14-month-old son to the hospital with chronic ear bleeding and perforated eardrums. Unable to find any medical explanation for this, doctors suspected it might be a case of child abuse.


Doctors (very smart ones!) set up the baby in a room with video surveillance and instructed the mom NOT to place anything in the baby's ears.

What they saw next astonished and horrified them. The mom allegedly brought out a Q-tip and violently twisted it into the child's ear multiple times. The poor baby was kicking and screaming. Ugh, horrible!

Confronted, the mother at first absolutely denied that she had put anything into her son's ears. But when shown the videotape, she came clean -- and reportedly admitted that she had started jamming Q-tips at the same time she broke up with the baby's father -- because the baby looked so much like him.

Oh my god, so awful. It is definitely not fun to go through a break-up while you are caring for an infant, and perhaps it is painful to look at a baby's face if that baby resembles the man you no longer love -- but the baby certainly can't help it! You may hate the man, but the baby loves YOU.

Hopefully, any mother who feels this way will get psychological help before letting these feelings manifest in horrible abuse like this. It shows you how out of control this woman is that she would allegedly do this right in the hospital.

Doctors believe that the baby's eardrums are so damaged that he may go deaf. Poor little thing.

Let's hope this baby is NOT going back to mom any time soon, and also let's thank the doctors who had the brains to put the baby in a room with a video camera.

Image via CBS 6

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