Pregnant Mother Drowns 3 Children & Then Kills Herself

A pregnant woman reportedly killed her three young children and then killed herself and her unborn child. The woman, Fiona Anderson, 23, is believed to have drowned all three of her young children, ranging in age from 11 months to 3 years, in the bathtub, and then she wrote various messages of love on their bodies. She later jumped from a multi-story car park.


Police said that the children, Levina, 3, Addy, 2, and Kyden, 11 months, were drowned and then they believe Fiona wrote on their bodies in green marker. One note said: "I put them to bed with their bear bears -- they loved their bears." Another: "I love them and I’m going to keep them safe." The final note said: "They’re cuddled up together sleeping. They look so peaceful."

She also drew hearts on their bodies with the message "I love you."

They were found tucked into their bed -- dead.

Tragically, Fiona's shocking act didn't come without some warning. While no one ever thinks a mom is going to kill her children, it was only the day before the murders that she got into a confrontation with their father, who had started a new relationship. She reportedly stabbed him -- but he lied to police and said he had been stabbed by a stranger.

Reportedly, he didn't want the mother of his children to get in trouble and have them taken from her. Which may have happened, especially since Fiona, who lived in Suffolk, England, had already been investigated for neglect of the children and children's welfare services had thought about stepping in to take them, but apparently decided against it.

Unfortunately, the father's lie did nothing to help the situation. While he may not have wanted her to get in trouble or for the children to be taken away, that sounds exactly like what needed to happen.

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We'll never know exactly what was going through Fiona's mind that horrible day, but police say a note left behind leaves some clue. An investigator said that the note described how Fiona was overwhelmed and unable to cope anymore and believed that a mother "never abandoned" her children, so she had to take them with her.

Fiona was only 23 with three children and one on the way -- that is a lot for anyone to handle, let alone someone who just found out the father of her children was in a new relationship. Possibly she was suffering from postpartum depression or psychosis. It sounds like in her disturbed state of mind, she was deluded and thought she was doing the best thing for her kids.

So tragic to think that she got to this point, where she felt she had to do this.

No one could have comprehended what would happen to these babies, but perhaps it could have been prevented if the stabbing had been reported or they had been taken away from her long ago.

If you are concerned about yourself or someone you know, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK).


Image via Suffolk Constabulary

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