Woman Arrested for Sexually Assaulting 10-Year-Old While His Mom Gave Birth (VIDEO)

If you're a mom with four children and you're pregnant, then it's awesome to have a good friend who can babysit for you while you go to the hospital to give birth. Unless your friend is Marybeth Rataic, 25, of Willimantic, Connecticut. She is accused of sexually assaulting her friend's 10-year-old boy while she babysat for him and his siblings while their mom was giving birth. 


Police say that Rataic, herself the mom of a 9-year-old, reportedly even snuck into the boy's bedroom while the mom was home sleeping after giving birth -- and allegedly sexually assaulted him in the room he shared with two brothers. Allegedly, they had sexual relations at least three times. The assaults only came to light after the mom reportedly spotted a hickey on her son's neck.

Rataic, however, has a different version of events. Reportedly, she told police she was wrestling and tickling the boy when he forced the sexual activity on her. Really, it doesn't get much lower than blaming a 10-year-old victim for your alleged sexual assault.

Imagine trusting your good friend to watch your kids while you are giving birth in the hospital -- only to find out that good friend may have been sexually assaulting one of them. The level of betrayal is mind-boggling.

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Parents ask their friends to watch their children precisely because they think their kids will be most safe with friends or a relative. When that particular trust is betrayed, it really blows your entire world view to pieces. If these charges are true, I feel really sorry for the little boy -- but equally sorry for the mom, who is going to be devastated and angry for a very long time.

Who babysits your children?

Image via Meriden Police

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