Dad Abandons 11-Year-Old Daughter at Hospital After Allegedly Using Her as Drug Mule

The title of "world's youngest" is something that many kids -- and their parents -- valiantly strive for. Imagine being the world's youngest violinist or opera singer! But no child wants to be the "world's youngest drug mule" -- and the dad who allegedly snagged this title for his 11-year-old daughter should be imprisoned. The girl was reportedly carrying 104 capsules of cocaine in her stomach.


The young girl was reportedly rushed to a hospital in the Caribbean after traveling from Colombia with her father. They were on their way to Spain and then to the Canary Islands when one of the 104 capsules of the drug exploded inside her body. Police believe this may make her the youngest drug mule ever -- at least that they know about.

And here's the really horrific part: While doctors were feverishly tending to her, trying to save her life, her father -- the one who'd brought her to the hospital -- ran out a few minutes later. Yeah, it was more important that he save himself from trouble than seeing if his little girl would survive.

Luckily, she underwent emergency surgery and is now doing well. And police are on the hunt for her father. Reportedly, they also suspect the girl's mother knew what was happening since, although she told police she and the girl's dad no longer lived together, police found evidence to the contrary.

Imagine forcing your 11-year-old to swallow 104 capsules of cocaine -- knowing full-well this could end in an excruciating death if one of them burst. I guess although the girl's dad ran out of the hospital right after dropping her off, at least he got her help. Probably some other fathers in this line of work would not have.

At least the burst capsule saved her in a way -- children's services in Colombia have taken over caring for the little girl and promise to protect her from her "harmful family environment."

Now let's hope this little girl will have a chance to live a life as a child and not her father's alleged drug mule.


Image via Dee Ashley/Flickr

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