Boy Scout Leader Arrested for Betraying Boys' Trust in Most Horrific Way (VIDEO)

It's always terrible when you hear about kids being sexually assaulted, and it seems especially ghastly when it happens with adults that parents thoroughly trust to take care of their kids. David Kress was one of those men. He is a 52-year-old Connecticut Boy Scout troop leader. It doesn't get much more stand-up and trustworthy than that. Yet Kress was arrested last month on charges of raping at least six boys between the ages of 11 and 16.


Police say many of the sexual assaults happened on Scout camping trips. Ugh, so horrid. You just know this was the kind of thing the parents were so proud to get their kids involved with. The kind of wholesome place where the kids would learn discipline, survival techniques, how to cooperate with other children -- and stay out of trouble. Instead, they allegedly got a crash course in pedophilia.

Police say that Kress would give the children alcohol and show them pornographic magazines before raping them or forcing them to have sex with each other. He also allegedly would threaten the boys not to tell, holding a gun and saying to one child that the gun was "for his parents" if he talked.

Like the Jerry Sandusky case, the abuse allegedly went on for years and continued despite at least one chance for it to be halted. One victim said that the man was abusing him at his home when another troop leader walked in and caught Kress. But the victim says Kress just said he was checking the victim for bruises, and the other troop leader walked away and didn't say anything.

Allegedly, Kress continued his abuse for 20 years on various children. The Boy Scouts of America released a statement saying it immediately fired Kress upon learning the allegations earlier this year.

It's always heartbreaking whenever anyone is found to have betrayed children's trust in such a horrific way -- especially when that child is in an environment where he or she should have been the safest.

Image via WFSB

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