Mom Found Guilty of Abusing 3 Children With Horrific Torture Technique

A mother in St. Louis, Missouri, has been sentenced to 78 years in prison for the horrific abuse of her three children. She reportedly admitted to not only beating and whipping her children, but of using a torture technique we normally associate with prisoners of war: waterboarding.


Lakechia Schonta Stanley, 34, was charged with multiple felony accounts relating to abuse that prosecutors say went beyond abuse and became "systematic torture."

The torture was discovered after one child told a school librarian that the pain in her arm was caused by her mother beating her with a baseball bat for not cleaning the kitchen quickly enough. She then also reportedly told the school that her sister, then 8 years old, had also been beaten with the baseball bat because she had taken too long to shower.

Incredibly, prosecutors say the girls were also waterboarded, a torture technique that involves pouring water over the victim's head and simulating the feeling of drowning. I simply can't imagine how a mother could even come up with such an evil thing to do to a child!

Yet, sadly, this isn't the first we've heard of waterboarding being used to torture a child. Two years ago, a pediatrician and his wife were arrested for waterboarding their 11-year-old daughter.

Waterboarding is so torturous and mind-numbingly awful that it's been banned by President Obama as an interrogation technique. Yet this mom used it on her three children?! Unspeakable!

The girls also revealed a litany of other abuse: whippings with electrical cords, being forced into freezing or scalding hot water, and being hit with blunt objects.

The woman's husband, Andrew Rui Stanley, pleaded guilty to similar charges and was sentenced. He got 160 years in prison.

These poor girls had nowhere to turn. Both parents abusing them. Thank goodness one girl finally spoke up and these poor excuses for parents were put right where they belong.


Image via St. Louis Police

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