Married Teacher & Mom Arrested After Alleged Sexual Relations With 3 Students

Ashley Parkins Pruitt is a 28-year-old English and Physical Education teacher at Appalachian High School in Blount County, Alabama. She is married and has a young son. She is also facing very serious allegations involving three students. The details reported by the students in this case are very disturbing and including pornography and sex acts.


As if parents didn't have to worry about enough regarding their kids' education, it seems there are more and more stories emerging these days involving those we trust to teach our children defying that trust and abusing our kids. 

The allegations include Pruitt kissing one student who is under 19 in a car and also sending him sexts through Snapchat, which is a popular way to converse with others discretely because the text or photo is delete right after the recipient sees it. She is also accused of sending naked photos of herself to another underage student, telling him that she wanted to take his virginity. Another young student told police that she gave him oral sex in a car.

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Disgusting. I want this to not be true. I wish we never had to hear of a crime against a child ever again. But sadly we live in a world where this happens far too often. Pruitt turned herself in to the police and is out on bond. Her charges include providing pornography to a minor, two counts of sex act with a student, and one count of sex contact with a student.

Authorities haven't revealed if the students in question were being taught by Pruitt at the school or if they were from another school. The school district has yet to release a statement regarding Pruitt's employment.

What do you think should happen to Pruitt if these allegations prove to be true?


Image via Blount County Police

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