Death of Baby Uncovers Twisted Secrets of Family Living in Hotel Room

A man and his 23-year-old daughter have been charged with murder after the man brought a severely malnourished 15-month-old girl to a hospital in Gwinnett, Georgia. The baby was dead when the man, who was her father too, arrived with her. But doctors quickly determined it was allegedly abuse and neglect that killed the poor child. And then it gets so, so much worse.



Police went to the hotel room where the man and his adult daughter were living and found a scene of pure horror: Not only was a 21-year-old woman living there also in severe distress but there were three other children who were also starving and abused. And it was determined that all three of those children belonged to the man, 44-year-old Calvin Mcintosh. Even worse, two of those children also belonged to his 23-year-old daughter. They were reportedly the product of incest.

The 21-year-old woman, who was found wrapped in a blanket on the floor and in dire need of medical attention, was named Iasia Sweeting. She was the mother of two of Calvin's children, one of whom, named Alcenti, was the baby who had been brought dead to the hospital.

Why were so many people living in such abominable conditions inside of this hotel room? Police say it was because Calvin told his eldest daughter, Najlaa, who was also the mother of two of his children, to starve Iasia and the children if they didn't behave. Apparently none of them had been "behaving" for awhile because the three children, who ranged in age from 3 to 5, and Iasia were nearly starved to death.

As awful as it is that little Alcenti died, if she had not been brought to the hospital, who knows how much longer this horror show would have gone on, possibly resulting in the deaths of four others.

Calvin was reportedly obsessed with the Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, an Islamic movement. But whether that informed his idea of allegedly molesting his children and starving them, who knows.

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Calvin has been charged with murder, incest, and rape. Najlaa too has been charged with murder in the dealth of Alcenti. But if she's been living with this cruel nutjob for her whole life, and was forced to have two children with him, she's a victim too. I hope that is taken into account.

Should Najlaa be charged as well?

Image via Gwinnett County Jail


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